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I have read several accounts of ipods, laptops, cell phones etc. being stolen from luggage in the water taxi hold (Belize City to San Pedro). Is this something that is for real, or just hearsay? I posted this under another topic concerning water taxis and had no response. So re-posting it here. Thank you for any replies.

I think you have a better (if thats how you want to describe it) chance of getting ripped at a place like MIA (Missing in Action as I think of Miami Int'l)than the water taxi. I've had a guy mishandle a bag and it fell in the water but the guy jumped in so fast nothing inside even got wet. They were so worried I was going to go ballistic and then so relieved that I started laughing about it. I take that as an indicator that they dont like or want things happening to peoples stuff.

I'm aboard with many people here though, you got mission critical items? Carry them with you. Its simply the smart thing to do.

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