Another Naca Arrives in Town

OMexican comedian/entertainer Lorena de la Garza “Nacasia” arrived today, August 3, 2011, onboard Tropic Air as she will be one of the entertainers who will open the Costa Maya Festival tomorrow Thursday, August 4.

Much laughter is indeed coming our way as Lorena had Ambergris Today laughing as soon as she got off the airplane. Her bubbly personality will sure shine on stage as she portrays her character of ‘Nacasia’ from the famous Mexican TV program “La Hora Pico”.

Lorena told Ambergris Today and Reef Radio that she has prepared something extra special for the Costa Maya Festival. She commented that it will be over the top, as she has added even more content to her show. Because it will be a one woman show, on stage, she stated that her performance in San Pedro will be one-of-a-kind, something that she has never done before, only for the Costa Maya Festival.

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Costa Maya Festival 2011 Opens with a Bang!

Dance to the rhythm of the Brukdown! And that is what the San Pedro International Costa Maya Festival is all about - Celebrating the cultural heritage that brings us together as one. Beautiful and magnificent dances and presentations ignited the stage and kicked off the 20th Anniversary of the Festival with the vivid celebration of our music and soul which was simply sensational from beginning to the very end. The eight lovely beauty ambassadors of the participating countries opened the show with a bang- a dance presentation of the International flags including Belize. They were flirted and brought to the spotlight by the dancers of Grupo Crash of El Salvador. The San Pedro Dance Company then delighted the spectators amidst cheers and applause as they showed off their latest repertoire costumes, gracefulness, and rhythm. Mouths dropped open as the Belize Dance Company took center stage with a wide repertoire of Brukdown, Punta and pulsating Afro/Belizean modern dances. They were exhilarating, and captivated the attention of spectators who were generous with their applause and cheers. It was like nostalgia when we saw them walking off stage. Following them was the renowned group Crash of El Salvador. As usual, they needed no “big-up” introduction as they immediately took care of the spotlight with at least 40 minutes of constant invigorating movement to the rhythm of regional and modern music that simply had all the spectators moving on their seats. Ironically, while Crash was on stage, everything just flared up at the festival show grounds.

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