Costa Maya’s Comedy Night brings the laughs

With the change in format, attendees of the Costa Maya Festival were able to catch the comedy first this year. Nacasia, of La Hora Pico, definitely brought the giggles, and even melody as she sang throughout her act. Before any of that, however, there was an entire line-up of performances, including those of the San Pedro Dance Company, Belize Dance Company, Grupo Krash of El Salvador, and Kese-Kese of Mexico. After the traditional flag dance, performed by the delegates of eight participating countries vying for the crown of La Reina De La Costa Maya, the audience was in for a visual and audio treat.

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Reina de la Costa Maya Pageant Live on Channel 5

Idolly Louise Saldivar

San Pedro has been overflowing with visitors for the past week since activities for the Costa Maya Festival began last weekend. But the most anticipated event is coming up within minutes and it will draw an even bigger crowd to La Isla Bonita. It’s the festival is the Reina De La Costa Maya Pageant. Eight delegates from Central America and Mexico are vying for the coveted crown. And after the preparation and rehearsals, it all comes down to tonight’s pageant at the Saca Chispas field on the island. For those of you who didn’t make it out to San Pedro, you can catch live coverage with William and Marleni right here on Channel Five or watch the live streaming video on But in the meantime, meet the eight contestants, starting with our representative from Belize.

Idolly Louise Saldivar, Miss Belize

“Namaste. Greetings to one and all, I am twenty year old Idolly Saldivar and I am proudly representing the country of Belize; land of diverse culture and many spectacular attractions.”

Crissia Maria Sánchez Calvo, Miss Costa Rica

Crissia Maria Sánchez Calvo

“Muy buenas noches, mi público. Soy Crissia Sánchez, tengo veinte y uno años de edad. Soy periodista y representa a un país símbolo de paz, Costa Rica!”

Andrea Bazant Sol

Andrea Bazant Sol, Miss El Salvador

“Quiero… gracias Belice.”

Ana Lucia Florentino, Miss Guatemala

Ana Lucia Florentino

“Muy Buenas Noches San Pedro, Mi nombre es Ana… y represento el corazón de Mundo Maya, Guatemala.”

Linda Kennett

Linda Kennett, Miss Honduras

“Muy buenas noches bella ciudad de San Pedro. Muchos gracias…saludas, besos.”

Valentina Cervera Avila, Miss México

Valentina Cervera Avila

“Thank you for this very nice and warm welcome. So to come back to the first thing; I am twenty-four years old y que viva Mexico!”

Gissell de los Ángeles Álvarez Ramírez

Gissell de los Ángeles Álvarez Ramírez, Miss Nicaragua

“Muy buenas noches, mi nombre es Gissell Álvarez. Tengo veinte y cinco anos y estoy representando a la tierra del aguas y volcanes, Nicaragua!”

Marielena González Peña, Miss Panama

Marielena González Peña

“Good night San Pedro, I am Marielena González. I am representing Panama, Corazon del mundo y Puerto del universo.”

Remember you can catch all the action here on Channel Five or online at, starting at eight-fifteen tonight.

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