Movie role included in prize for Reina de la Costa Maya

The winner of the Reina de la Costa Maya pageant will, of course, take the crown, native Belizean wood carving, cash prizes, plus numerous other gifts. This year however, there is a new and quite exciting addition to the mix. Founder and President of John P. Boggs has offered a movie role to the winner of the 2011 Reina de la Costa Maya pageant!

The next feature film role is scheduled to start filming this fall – location is undisclosed at this moment, but Boggs will be watching the ladies’ performance on-stage, and quite frankly, whatever the pageant directors are looking for to represent the crown – it is what is all about. “We are so convinced that there is great talent in this region that whoever wins this pageant, we are going to put them in a role in our next feature film coming up this fall,” said Boggs. “My decision [is] in the sense of who has the beauty, confidence, poise, ability to communicate in public and not freeze up, and be a representative of their cause in front of people.”

The winner of this year’s 2011 pageant will be in the movie Spin 2 – the sequel to the first film that is currently being edited for release.

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