Marisela a Hit at Costa Maya

After comedy and pageantry on Thursday and Friday night, everyone was eagerly anticipating the much hyped concert by La Dama de Hierro, Marisela. Of course, before any of that, there were several entertainers who kept the crowd glued to their seats as they awaited the arrival of the beloved singer.

The ever-melodious Natalie Arceo commanded the stage with her powerful vocals, singing popular Spanish ballads to the delight of the audience. Following up her gentle vocals was the raw, guitar-heavy rock band Ascenthium from Belize City. With song choices that ranged from Avenged Sevenfold, to Black Sabbath and Metallica, to Rage Against the Machine, the young group provided quite the change-up from the standard fare at Costa Maya. They certainly rocked the stage.

Krash from El Salvador quickly followed up Ascenthium’s act with a few fun dances while the band tuned up in anticipation of Marisela. Adding to the hype, she took to the microphone from backstage, expressing her desire to get on and perform. The audience was not disappointed, as from the moment she stepped out to begin her set, her warmth and love for the fans radiated from on-stage. For two hours she gave her all and performed like the true superstar she is.

Marisela is a powerhouse performer, singing an array of her most popular songs that have captivated her fans throughout her long-standing career. She was very relatable to her audience as she spoke Spanglish, connected with her fans and empowered women with the messages in her songs.

It was amazing to see how Marisela’s fans, young and old, sang along with her with so much passion, showing how her music transcends throughout the generations. Even though she sings ballads and romantic music, the energy during her concert was at an all-time high; everybody was fascinated with Marisela and her band – a fantastic set of musicians.

From the Ambergris Today and the San Pedro Sun. Click their links to see more information and a great many more excellent photos!