One of the reasons I love living in Belize is because the schools uphold strict rules. In addition I can correct my children without fear of disapproval from society. My kids know that if they want to have a great job, make decent money, get ahead and attain their goals and dreams all they have to do is work hard towards the goal - the opportunities abound.

Sure teen pregnancy and over-indulgence of alcohol or casual drug use are also options - but not if they want to get ahead and grasp life with both hands.

I would like to continue to live a life in which the government has rules and enforces them even-handedly. I don't want to live in a society that accepts street gangs as a part of life. Many of our kids are falling into this trap - they have broken homes, no solid father figure to look up to, admire and yes, perhaps fear a little. Who is teaching our kids respect when our single mothers are at work all day? Who is ensuring they have a safe place to go to school? Who is punishing them if they don't attend school or don't bother to do their homework?

Now is the time for Belize to get a grip - get a handle on our social values, promote family unity, promote education, promote sports and team activities.

If our country continues to allow many of the issues we see happening today we will go one of 2 ways - dictatorship or anarchy.

Our children are our future. We need to work together to nurture our future leaders - instill them with pride of themselves, their community and their nation.

Why did people loot and cause destruction?