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I spent some time on the Belize Tourism Board website ( The site is still more or less deconstructed, with a number of sections "under construction."

Also, oddly, apparently the BTB no longer has a toll-free number. In fact, so far as I could tell, it doesn't even give its address on Regent St.

I don't understand what the BTB is up to these days.


You remember back in April when all this started and BTB gave the new contract to belizedev. Some sites they control still have nothing going on like "tasteofbelize." However, the "belizemaya2012" site actually looks pretty slick to me after doing a brief look about today.

They really should have all this fixed by now, though. It's been months.

I mentioned that the BTB seemed to have put in an effort for the website:

as compared to other websites taken over some months ago.

The reason was made clear by an ad I saw in the September, 2011, National Geographic Traveler magazine today. This web address seems to be the one that will be used going forward for Belize tourism along with the phone number 800-624-0686. The full page ad is similar others used recently with the exception of the new web address and the clear push in the text for the general Maya/2012 theme.

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