It is important to know who, I repeat who your fishing guide will be his name .Not a guy off a dock with poor tackel and a boat with no first aid kit!!!you want a good local person who has been fishing here a while and has a proven track record of catching fish.
Be aware some companies that just call a guy who is around and has a boat and fishing rods.??..Now I book thru my friend steve a nice guy he is he books lots of local capts like pete graniel ,abel gurrero ,or eric on the boat uprising they know there stuff .he takes credit cards and does not put them thru till you go And you know who is taking you out before you go .There are some other very good capts here people will share the info with you here get a name before you book anyone guide.who you get is important AND WILL HELP GIVE YOU A SAFE AND WONDERFUL LIVING THE DREAM DAY ON THE WATER.
Tight lines and good fishing.

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