Blood Drive
by Annie Rivero on Thursday, 18 August 2011 at 18:21
Saturday, September 17 8:00am - 5:00pm
Island Galleria, San Pedro Town, A.C., Belize
Created By
Miguel Perez
For San Pedro Cancer Society
More Info
We would like to inform you of our 2nd annual Blood Drive on Saturday September 17th, 2011. In less than a year we have depleted our credit of (Over 20) blood units with the Belize Blood Donor Service by offering it to members of our community whether cancer patients or not. We have seen the relief this has caused our community and plan to make blood readily accessible to the members of our community. Those of us who have been in need of blood know it is a lengthy process and can cause major set backs. By working hand in hand with the Belize Blood Donor service we have been able to utilize our credits and provide blood units with a simple phone call. We are bringing Blood health professionals from Belize City to conduct the services and would like to take this advantage by receiving as much donors as possible. Remember, these blood units we collect belong to all of us and will be given out to anyone who needs them. Having to find blood donors while our loved ones are hospitalized and preping for surgery is a very troubling and unnecessary situation. Help us Help you. For any questions whether you can donate or other ways you can help, feel free to contact me at 600-2129 or at [email protected] . Please, feel free to pass this email along