A number of years ago I wrote an article to the newspaper when there was talk of having a moratorium on golf cart permits. I tilled the article “People Equal”. The number of golf carts licensed is not the problem. A golf cart is only problem when someone is using it.
It seems there is a disproportionate amount of effort and money spent to attract more people to the island as opposed to providing the facilities and infrastructure to support those people. Whether it be building more condos or creating more jobs necessitating more people coming to the island.
There is a finite number of people that the island can support based on the available infrastructure and quality of life provided to those living and vacationing on the island. Most cheer when they see statistics showing more people coming to Belize. That can be a negative if it reaches, or has not already reached, the point that too many people put too much of a strain on the available facilities and infrastructure.
When one looks at the inadequacies in police and fire protection, reliable power and water, roads and traffic, swage and garbage disposal, etc, etc, one could make the argument that the population has already exceeded the available services and infrastructure that many expect to provide the quality of life they desire.
Bring more and more people to the island is not going to be the answer to prosperity and having a “paradise” without devoting the resources needed to provide for those people.