It looks like with the new ADO service Belize now has something it has needed for years -- an affordable, reliable, high-quality and nearly hassle-free way for tourists to come to Belize from Cancún.

Somebody needs to promote the heck out of this. US$79 round-trip CUN-BZE -- you can't beat it.

Of course, I realize that the politics of this, protecting the Belize bus lines, means that the BTB and other quasi-official tourism entities in Belize can't and won't do this. But a consortium of Belize hotel owners, each kicking in some promotional funds and using the internet, could get the word out worldwide.

One bus a day, 40 or so tourists a day, won't do it -- but just 5 buses a day is like adding a new daily international flight to Belize!

Lan Sluder/Belize First