Much Ado About ADO

Last week Thursday, we told you about the A-D-O bus that was in Belize - supposedly on an exploratory trip checking out the route.

Well, it seems they made those checks pretty quickly because ADO is now running a daily service between Belize and Cancun, and Belize and Merida. The route is serviced by five of ADO's Executive Class buses, which seat 44 persons. The buses leave north from Belize every night and south from Cancun and Merida. It's what might be called a red-eye bus service that gets passenger sinto Cancun and Merida at dawn the following day.

The company today held an informal press conference to stress that they aren't in Belize to step on any toes or bite into anyone's runs:

Gabriela Osuna - Public Relations, ADO Group
"None of the buses will stop in Chetumal in either direction. In both cases, the departure time from Belize City will be after the last service provided by Belizean transport companies. These will not affect the normal services. When travelling in the direction to Merida or Cancun, passengers will be allowed to board the buses in Belize City, Orange Walk or Corozal, only if their final destination is Merida or Cancun. From Belize City, passengers will not be able to descend in Orange Walk or Corozal, neither to travel between those towns. The services designated to benefit Belizeans, we realize that it's easier for Belizeans to take the last bus from Belize to Merida, and Belize to Cancun, in this case, at 8 p.m. or 8:15 p.m. and arriving to the final destination at 6:16 a.m. or 7 a.m. We will not stop at any time in Chetumal. Right now, we are not taking this as a local service. Really, we are international; we want only an international route to facilitate the Belizeans to transport from here to Merida, or here to Rivera Mayor. We foresee that the new roads will increase the number of tourists entering Belize and will contribute to the Tourism Industry. We will start with the buses carrying 15-20 people right now, in the first week. They like to come to Belize to visit the more important places, and we believe that these will increase. We would like to increase tourism here in Belize, because it's just a win - win situation.

One way tickets to Cancun and Merida are 79 dollars Belize. The buses also let off passengers in Playa Del Carmen and Tulum on the way to Cancun. They pick up passengers in Corozal and Orange Walk on the way north, but do not drop passengers in those towns.

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