ADO busline makes CANCUN airport a viable alternative to flying in and out of Belize.

MEXICAN BUSLINE ADO, opening direct bus runs between Northern Belize towns and Cancun and Merida direct

ADO Mexican bus line, in airconditioned comfort has started a direct bus service with movies and toilets, and a 12 hour, OVERNIGHT trip between Belize and CANCUN and MERIDA. The fare is about $80 Bz one way, or $40 usa and lets you sleep on the bus if you want. For Belizeans wishing to access parts of the world, not affordable from Belize, the extra $80 bz is not a bad deal, and the overnight trip eliminates the necessity of finding a hotel. ADO has 5 buses now running and 11% occupancy for the cash saving trip.
Much of the high cost of airline travel in Belize, is encountered by Belizeans, with some sort of hidden airport tax, automatically added on to other costs. In several years of enquiries nobody has EVER found out who collects it? The hidden tax is a fuel surcharge as it is billed, but where it goes, who gets it and why it does not change with the price of oil, is a mystery. This has effectively made air travel with tickets on airplanes bought in Belize, too high priced to compete with the international market. You can fly cheaper to Peru, or Ecuador from Miami, than you can to tiny Belize, which is relatively close by, about 600 miles. The resistance of flying out of Cancun has been mostly because of the lost day encountered, in transferring to Cancun, by Belizeans. Plus there are considerable border costs, that are add ons. Even so, with this new ADO bus service, running solely during the night time, putting you at the Cancun airport at 7 a.m., means you do not lose a day, if you live in Belize City, Orange Walk, or Corozal. You will also save money. US citizens enjoy an advantage over Belizeans, they get all kinds of cut rate fares with tickets bought in the USA, but Belizeans have been penalized with a 100% leverage in the price of round trip airfares originating in Belize because of this mysterious tax, labeled a fuel surcharge.

Congratulations to ADO busline, for giving Belizeans an alternate choice of flying to other parts of the world.