George Street Gang will fight Government in Court; not with grenades

The gangs are not known to issue statements; in fact they are known not to want to appear on camera. So we found a release they purportedly sent out today to be unusual. It comes in the aftermath of a violent shakedown by the Gang Suppression Unit against alleged members of the George Street Gang last Friday, during which a number of persons were severely injured. Government’s response was to justify the GSU highhandedness, saying that they had intelligence that the gangs had grenades they intended to use during the celebrations. Late this afternoon a statement was delivered to our newsroom from the four principal gangs of the Old Capital including George Street, Supal Street, Ghost Town and Gill Street. They say that they have no intentions of retaliating against the GSU or harming anyone. The statement continues to say that the gangs will instead pursue legal action in light of the inhumane treatment they received at the hands of the GSU. The four gangs reaffirm that members will not disrupt the celebrations, since they have no knowledge of or possess any grenades as was alleged by government’s press release on Tuesday. Lastly and for good measure, the statement says that the gangs would like (quote) “for the GSU to try and come up with a way to help resolve the issues between the various areas, rather than fueling the problem.

Channel 5