I watched the Boogie once and it was pretty cool. I bet it is thrilling for the skydivers in such a stunning venue as Ambergris Caye. Not to mention the economic boost it brings to the island. I never.. ever considered jumping out of a perfectly good airplane (LOL) but given all the growth, building, lack of landing space, I am not surprised at the decision to change the venue. Like any other desirable place, there are just too many people and condos, buildings, etc. A shame to me. I loved the old days before the bridge...hanging at the Hammock House and spending an afternoon at Sweet Basil indulging, etc.

For those who have been traveling to Belize for 10+ years on a fairly regular basis, you may relate. I would not be interested in mini golf, casino or disco in Nic, but some may like those options.

Nicaragua is doing an excellent job at advertising as a pristine vacation destination. It is definitely an emerging Central American destination. I just got a RT fare from Northern California to Nic in May for a tad less than $400, including all fees and taxes. That is an unbelievable price in these times of high airfares, brink of another recession, worldwide financial problems. It is affordable and half the price of a ticket to Belize for me.

Of course, I will always be back to Belize from time to time! smile