A Righteous Anthem At WAMI

Today, the first summit for Belize's writers, artists, musicians and intellectuals was held at the Holy Redeemer Parish Hall.

And we'd have to say, it is a very elite few because for the morning session no more than 30 persons were in the vast hall.

But the spirit of iconoclasm was dead on - Pen Cayetano made sure of that:

Jules Vasquez Reporting

The WAMI conference started off on a suitably irreverent note when Pen Cayetano re-imagined the national athem in a bluesy guitar rendering.

Land of the Free indeed, apparently - and presenters were also free to choose

Adele Trapp - Organizer
"Now, in this conference, we didn't tell people what to present. We made suggestions of certain areas that people can explore, but at the end of the day, it's up to each and every panelist to decide what they will say, what they will talk about."

Ismail Shabazz wanted to talk about the coat of arms based on a document from 1829.

Ismail Shabazz - Presenter
"The Honduras Almanac displayed the coat of arms with two black men. I call upon all Belizeans to restore our flag to its origin. Remove all those yellow men, and paint them black."

The event was held under the theme, Land of the Free, Real Or Surreal.

Different panels were held for writers, artists, musicians and intellectuals...

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