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The San Pedro Roman Catholic School (SPRCS) received a 13-piece drum set on Thursday September 15th. Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr., Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation and Culture, along with Councilor Severo Guerrero and the UDP Slate for the up-coming municipal election, were on hand for the presentation.

In speaking of the presentation, Mr. Heredia stated, “A request had been made by both St. Peter’s Junior College and the San Pedro R.C. School, for a marching band set. As the Minister of Culture, I decided shortly before school closed that I would definitely make a contribution. Through the ministry, I secured $3,500 for each school.”

The set that was donated to the RC School is made up of 13 pieces. Retail value for the set is around $5,000 however, with the assistance of Cayo West Minister, Hon. Contreras, Hon. Heredia was able to get the set at the bargain cost of $3,500.

He went on to state, “It is indeed a great please for me to have been able to do this. I always have in my mind first and foremost, education. This is the reason why I put a lot of emphasis on anything that can enhance the children’s talents, whether it be music, arts or crafts. I will do my best to assist these kids, because there is nothing like education combined with creativity in any school, that can make a country grow.”

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