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So much for my bright ideas . Just thought something should be said about what seems to be an obvious need here in my home town .Kids swimming in the cut at the bridge BECAUSE it's the only water DEEP enough for them to cool off . Stop by sometime and watch the boats dodging the kids .

It's not a bad idea, but it has been tried before. A few years ago they tried to make a swimming area by the central park, next to cement dock, they worked for several weeks clearing the area and it only took a short while to fill in again.

I have seen visitors swimming way out into the boat lanes, I feel that all hotels and resorts should make all their guests know that swimming out past the ends of the dock is a no no. and signs should be placed on every dock warning of the dangers of swimming out too far. Visitors do not know about the boat traffic, and it is so tempting to go off for a swim in what seems to be shallow water.

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