I agree that something should be done but I am not sure what. Just because we half ass tried something 5 years ago it should not mean that we don't try again. If we took that frame of mind nothing would ever get done here.

Elbert not sure what you post was suppose to mean but since about 90% of all visitors to the Island are Americans it would stand to reason that 90% of all accidents will happen to them. Besides what does that have to do with having a designated swim area.

This town and the residents on this message board need to stop criticizing the visitors to this island and we need to ensure that the proper information is being provided to them. This will allow them to have a safe and enjoyable experience here, that will in turn make them tell other people about what a great destination this is.

The I told you so mentality is the worst thing that could happen. Stand up say something and if nobody listens then speak louder and get other people to speak up with you.

Not sure who is guiltier the tourists or the people that knew this would happen and yet did nothing about it other than simply wait for it to happen so that they could post an I told you so on the message board.