Before Elbert should question the intelligence of the tourist, after all we donít give them a test and require a license we only require they bring their money, we should take a look in the mirror and question the actions of those licensed boat captains, taxi drivers and other vehicle drivers on the island. I have witnessed boat drivers often speeding too close to proximity of docks and the shore. We all have seen the dangerous speeding of vehicles on the island.
The facts of this incident will come out and until then it is not possible to say who is to blame. But I am afraid that the actions of local people are more of a threat to safety and than the actions of tourists when one looks at the total picture.
If Elbert can be paid to teach tourists how to dive safely, he and others should take the time to advise tourists how to have a safe vacation. I doubt if he questions the intelligence of his customers before he accepts their money.
The first objective should be to assure the tourists are not put in danger due to unsafe practices of those providing the services they come here for. Then part of those services should be to inform the tourist on how to have a safe vacation.
I am not in favor of altering the landscape to provide safety before insuring the behavior of all the people using it are doing so in a safe manner.