Whenever any of us travel to other destinations we don't always know the customs, traditions, the safe areas, the danger zones or what treacherous conditions we may confront. We are forced to do our own research and trust the licensed tour guides, hotels, and laws to protect us.

Here in Belize it is our duty as tourism service providers to keep our visitors as safe and comfortable as possible. Furthermore we must be trained to handle emergency situations calmly and efficiently.

We want (need) tourist dollars, we must keep our tourists safe.

Yes from time to time people do some very dumb things, especially when drinking - but as a community we still need to have some compassion and help out when we can. I told you so and finger pointing does not help in any situation.

Many of our guests have never travelled to a foreign land before, they are overwhelmed and bewildered with the beauty and the freedom and the wildness of the country - and they are blissfully unaware of the dangers - it is our duty to allow them to enjoy the wonders without venturing into serious danger - or at least warn them when they are taking risks so that they can calculate what degree of danger they wish to undertake.

So many people find Belize to be peaceful and they meet friendly, warm hearted people. They are lulled into a false sense of security and serenity - they forget that in every society there are also criminals.

Let's all get proactive in protecting our guests from danger, perhaps without scaring them to the point that they choose not to visit.