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Swimming areas = swimming pools and snorkel trips to the reef. I wish Belize would stop trying to make it into everything for everybody. The marine system is not conducive to nice beaches and clean sand bottom swimming areas. Keep the turtle grass and marine vegetation intact. Leave the ecosystem to produce and sustain what nature intended it to. Use it for what it is and the beauty it provides. Donít try to change it.

^Agree with Bywarren - we are what we are, so play to our strengths.

To avoid this tradgedy happening again move the boat lanes to halfway between the reef and shore when on the plane, off plane when coming into destination dock perpendicular to shore. Advise Tourists thay can swim out as far as double the distance of the nearest dock. They get swimmable snorkel depth water in safety. Boats are far away have minimal if any added cost apart from a few minutes extra journey as they come inshore off plane. Margin of error for both groups won't bring them into contact. No bouys maintenance etc and as we have CoastGuard here now easily enfoced on a daily basis even from shore.

Trickier North of Belizean Shores due to patch reef and shore reef convergence but these things seem to happen more in town where there is the concentration of boats. Also perhaps the case Water Taxi/Ferry (I mean Coastal Xpress not Bz City Water Taxis) with multiple Dock stops but surely this can still be acomplished to preserve our reputation.