In New Jersey along the shore the locals call the day trippers to the beach ( shobbies ) because they would come down for the day with their lunches in a shoe box . Come labor day locals sick of the tourists would put up signs like ( GO HOME SHOBBIES ).Having a business there for 30 years I would say something to the folks putting up the signs , and you can imagine the intellect remarks I would hear . Some folks just don't understand ,you can't bite the hand that feeds you ! bywarren is right ,there are no good swimming beaches on this island . Don't you all think we should have at least one on the island .I'm not talking about removing the sea grass from the whole island but one block (200 yards) here and a few miles down ,maybe another . It is a negative for the tourist trade that there are NO good beaches to swim off of .Oh and if you do swim off a beach you could get run over by a boat or two . There's a lot of competition for the tourist dollar , let's help create positive comments for the island .