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Every year the inevitable “slow season” descends on San Pedro like an unexpected storm. Why it is that we are not more prepared for this more than predictable time of year is a mystery to me…perhaps we are hoping that if we pretend it doesn’t exist it won’t happen? Regardless of what form of denial we are in, the truth of the matter is that the lean months of September,October and November are here with a vengeance.

Traditionally many resorts and restaurants on the island close during this time for at least a month. Most of the employees are laid off and the staff runs at a bare minimum, often busying themselves with renovations and projects slated for the time when no guests are around. Obviously these establishments have anticipated this season far in advance and have budgeted for the expenses that will incur when undergoing renovations and payroll to do so. To me this is making the best of a less than ideal situation, slow time allows businesses to prepare for high season while at least keeping some people employed.

Regrettably there are many who are not so fortunate and family bread-winners find themselves jobless for months at a time. It can be a desperate situation, with little or no other work opportunities available on the island. People listlessly take to the streets in the heat of the day, congregating with their fellow-unemployed under any shade available to complain and commiserate about their less than promising employment opportunities. One does not have to be a social anthropologist to know that with unemployment comes a rise in theft-based crimes. Be it an act of desperation or reckless boredom, some individuals will find a way to make trouble not only for themselves, but the community as well.

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