Hey - I'm not even in Belize yet (moving there permanently in a week)but this falls within my professional expertise. (A) Yes, there are standards and regulations in place, but whether they are adequate or not; who knows? You get over a mile down-we know more about conditions on the moon, plus we're talking "Hurricane Alley" here, (B) the existing standards and regulations were ignored (bought off?). There were field reports that there was a danger of something happening but they were ignored. The government and BP were both involved. Will the government in Belize do better? (Snicker up sleeve-exit stage left.)

Note that the coast impacted by DWH shows some local impacts in situ, but they are important in coastal protection and ecologically as nursery areas. Those were hit hard and we will see the effects for 10v -15 more years.

If that happened off Belize City or Caye Caulker it could be catastrophic and we would not see a repair in our life time.

Doctor Mike