There really aren't many classifieds in any of the Belize papers. First of all, the papers are all weeklies, which aren't ideal for classified ads. Also, Belizeans typically sell things by word of mouth rather than in the media. There are only a handful of classifieds in Belize City newspapers. The San Pedro Sun print edition has a few, mostly real estate and golf carts for sale, but unless Marty can come up with a way to show them, I don't know a way to get them on-line. The San Pedro Sun is available by subscription in the U.S. for US$80 a year, and The Reporter and other Belize City papers are about the same rate (though if you read the Belize City papers very much, with their heavy doses of crime, corruption and politics, you soon won't be interested in living in Belize.)

--Lan Sluder

Lan Sluder/Belize First