Topic - raking sea grass from the beach (not digging it out from the sea).
Most of our visitors prefer to see the beaches raked clean. Raking the beach has consequences - take a good look at the wheelbarrows of seagrass that are carried away and (depending on the skill of the raker) you may find that 50% of what is in the wheelbarrow is sand, not sea grass. A couple of years of this and you easily loose a few feet of land in front of your property --- we have neighbors who have lost a good 15 feet - maybe 20. Their "seagrass" has been taken to a nearby lot that used to be low and subject to flooding. That lot is now a sandy high piece of ground, and the sea is marching up towards the beachfront gardens.

When massive amounts of seagrass arrive after a big storm it makes sense to take the top layers off - that seagrass tends not to have too much sand in it, but for daily maintenance, there are better alternative ways to deal with this issue. Might take a bit more work, and supervision of rakers who would like to have an easier day of it, but .....
Some people dig a trench along the beach and put the seagrass in it, covering it with sand. This does not remove anything from the beach, and leaves it nice and clean. Another thing is that after weeds and brush are removed from the beach area, wind does it's share of erosion - you will find that your property develops dunes just back from the water's edge. By scooping up the sand that has blown away from the water and up into the "dune" you can simply cover the seagrass and have a clean looking beach and a relatively stable shoreline.