It is uncertain how many school teachers countrywide have not received salaries for the month of September because of what we understand is the result of the local school management handing in late documents to the Teaching Service Commission.

Information emerging from the south indicates that teachers in Stann Creek were affected, but later it was clarified by the executive secretary of the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU), George Frazer, that teachers from all over are being affected.

According to Frazer, because management apparently did not send in the necessary documents early in September, which include teaching license, social security card, birth certificate/passport, police record, two character references and marriage/divorce certificate (where applicable), the teachersí names didnít appear in the pay list.

Frazer also told us that this could also have legal implication because the teachers have worked, and regardless, must be paid for their labor, but that a meeting that is to be held tomorrow here in Belize City with the ministry should address the issue, so that the teachers can be paid for September as soon as possible before the month concludes.

Amandala has since spoken to one of the teachers affected. She said that in her case, she was contracted when a teacher died about a year ago. Apparently, she just signed her contract on Friday, only to find out that her September salary has been withheld.

Frazer told us that these documents should have at least been sent around September 6 or 8 for the teachersí names to appear on the pay list.

We tried speaking with other teachers, but they were very reluctant to speak with us.

Frazer told us that a meeting will be held on North Front Street to address the situation.