BNTU says late salaries caused by late documents

George Frazer

A number of teachers countrywide have not been paid for the month of September and itís stirring up trouble. The delay is because the Teaching Services Commission, which was established in January, requires teachers and school managers to provide several documents including their teaching license, medical report and police record. The pay sheets for the teachers are also to be submitted in the first week of the month. According to the Executive Secretary for the Belize National Teachersí Union, George Frazer, the blame falls on the teachers and school management for handing in their documents late, but the union is working with the Ministry of Education to have the salaries disbursed as quickly as possible.

Via Phone: George Frazer, Executive Secretary, BNTU

ďIn the past we have had a lot of problems because teachers and sometimes management do not send these in and result in being on the wrong pay scale and a whole lot of problem. But what happen this year, and some of the teachers are to blame especially some of the new ones starting their teaching profession or those who have been on temporary and some management have been late in sending in these things. When it comes to teacherís pay, especially for primary school the managers have to prepare and send in pay sheets by the end of the first week. So for September for example, for the teachers to get their pay which is usually the last Friday of the month, the managers have to send in the pay sheet with all the relevant information by the seventh or the eighth of the month. So there have been delays in these things. We are concerned about those teachers who have not received their pay and this is countrywide. I won’t say itís an extra large number but yes, it includes new teachers and those who have been on temporary and in each district you will find a number of these people. The Ministry, they have spoken to the Catholic general manager, which is the largest management and they are working on the pay. I heard the Public Relation Officer, Ms. Arlette Gomez, from the Ministry of Education say that they are working on the pay so that people can get their pay by next week. But we ask the Ministry please try to get it done earlier; people have bills to pay. The labor laws are clear, if you work and you are paid by the week or the month when that period is up, you should be paid.Ē

According to Frazer, the Teaching Services Commission will be meeting on Friday to discuss the teacherís salaries.

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