Alrighty, here we go. The trip report. Everybody’s responsibility and duty after making a sojourn to the island. Spent the week before in southern Fla seeing the places I’ve always wanted to. Sat nite, pick up Paul @ Ft. Myers airport and back to the Casa de sister in Naples. Swam in her pool till 3:00AM. Nephew woke me up @ 7:30 Sunday, but God bless him; let me stay in bed till 8. 11:30 we load in her 1984 VW camper van for the drive to Miami from where we were departing the country. Hanging out in the Miami airport made us feel like we were already in a third world terminal. But after a quick lunch we made our way to the TACA departure gate and were soon off to Honduras. Never been to Honduras. Never planned on going to Honduras. Yet there I was, taxiing in past the sniper stand, under which taking siesta was the marksman. Interesting. Well after a short duration there we were on our connecting flight waiting to take off. Well if I’m going to prove to anyone that I was here I’d better mark it as a waypoint in my GPS. Kinda cool to be able to say I was in Honduras. Even if it was only @ the airport. So TACA whisked us skyward due north for Belize City where we landed and tried to figure out where the Tropic Air terminal was. Now for everyone who’s been there you know that after customs you turn left thru the door that’s marked something like No Access, or Authorized Personnel Only. However, for a first-timer I wasn’t too sure that walking thru there was such a wise decision. I had visions of spending my week in the clink instead of on the beach. But the customs man told us we were ok and, fortunately for us we made it to the ticket counter with enough time to buy tickets for the last flight across. (This by the way was the fastest I saw any local work all week. The ticket agent lit the computer in fire trying to get us processed and on the flight.) Had a quick nip @ Jet’s and off to the gate where we were hurried out to the tarmac. A storm was blowing in and we needed to be on the runway when the plane was landing so we could hop in and take right off. Now remember we’re in the third world. A passenger after hearing that we’ll take off a.s.a.p. asks the airline attendant, “But what about the tower?” The airline attendant stated matter-of-factly, “F#*@ the tower. We’re gonna take off.” And so we did. Welcome to Belize.

After landing and catching a taxi to the hotel, we dump our stuff and it’s off to see the island. We find Fido’s where we have the 4th of July party planned so we’re set on that and decide to have dinner there. While waiting for the food the storm continues to come across the Caye and all I can think about is, how many people would be complaining right now or be depressed because a storm is blowing thru instead of just enjoying it. One lobster burrito later and we’re off to find the different guide shops. Everything was closed or had moved locations or fooled us with the panels of advertising outside other establishments so we found ourselves in a different beach bar. Here we meet up with a couple from Phoenix (sadly can’t remember their names, but waiting anxiously for email from them). This turns out to be the first of several unbelievably nice people we were to meet. So we hooked up with them and they showed us around. Of course they ask what our ambitions on the island were and we say that we want to be fish for a week. They were leaving the next day, but told us about their guides and said that you can’t go wrong with them. Sunday night we must have walked from Coconuts (our hotel) to just past Fido’s and back at least 5 times.