Its Back with a vengeance that's right the wing challenge come out and test your nerves and sanity this Wednesday, just what you need with the weather forecast this week, a nice bit of heat, come one come all
Can you Feel it? Yes the temperature is going up, that sweat on your brow and runny nose is not from the humidity it is from Our HOT HOT SAUCE!!!!! Yes tonight's weather forecast is Hot with a slight chance of human combustion in our HOT WING EATING CONTEST!!!
we will have two chances to win a $50 buck bar tab one at 7pm then one at 9pm come register by 630 and by 830pm to enter. You might even become famous San Pedro Sun will be there taking pictures of all the weak hearted people crying while partaking in the "MAMA'S GOIN TO KNOCK YOU OUT HOT WING EATING CONTEST" remember $5 bucks gets you in, come early to sign up as i think it will be full house again

Great food + good company = great times, come join us at
Average Joe's Bar