Howdy from Texas!

I've been reading the forums for awhile now in preparation for our honeymoon to AC starting this Saturday. Now I find myself unfortunately very interested in the weather forum.

First, we're praying for Belize and the Yucatan Peninsula. As unlikely as it may seem, I'd love to see Rina just die and spare a lot of wonderful people the trouble. If that can't happen, then let's hope everyone at least stays safe.

Second, we'll feel blessed if we can just make it to AC on Saturday (or shortly thereafter) no matter what the weather or the effects from Rina. If we get to spend our honeymoon helping people clean up and getting life back to normal, then, hey, we're together, we're in Belize and we'll make the most of it. This board seems to be our best source of local news about what's happening on AC, so keep it coming--it's very much appreciated.