Pen Looks to Eve For Inspiration

Pen Cayetano doesn't make quilts, he's been known to make cultural masterpieces.

But, in his annual November exhibit at the Institute of Mexico, he's taken a break from cultural themes to explore the fairer sex. It's called "The Creation of Eve" and since the 19th of November - which is celebrated as Garifuna Settlement Day- is just around the corner; Cayetano told is he is dedicating his exhibit to the Garifuna culture. The exhibit includes 30 oil paintings and today 7news got a sneak peek.

Pen Cayetano
"This exhibition is entitled "the creation of Eve" and it comprises of about 30 paintings and "the creation of Eve" is very important to the women of Belize and the world. You remember when Eve was created Adam felt happy because there was his partner and I say to it that Eve and Adam were created equally. Like how the biblical world would say that she came from the ribs of Adam but for me it comes from the heart of Adam or Adam comes from the heart of Eve, vice versa."

"In this exhibition here although we don't have the original painting here to see - we have this painting called the "natural life in Dangriga" it shows the way how people used to live in the open life planting their plantains, bananas and mango trees and this is actually my farm. And apart from that you can see some other paintings."

"I get this inspiration here at about 3 o' clock one morning and I went down to my studio and I sketch this and took me about two or three weeks before I start to paint this picture "the creation of Eve." I found that many women in Belize have pass through some hard times especially when they are abused by men, so this exhibition "the creation of Eve" is to celebrate the women power, that's what this exhibition is all about."

The exhibit opens 6:30 this evening at the Institute of Mexico. It will run throughout the entire month of November.

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