For reasonable and delicous belizean food visit DJ's Restaurant which is now re-opened, situated in the Boca Del Rio area where the previous planet's pizza was situated! Upgraded with a great menu, atmosphere and seating for twelve. Stop by and check it out!

Call DJ @ 635-6158 for order pick-ups or deliveries!

All prices are in BELIZE DOLLARS, Gratuity not included!

OPEN (lunch) 11:00am to 2pm Dinner 6:00pm to (10pm-11pm)



Summer Salad wrap $12
...with shrimp $15

Shrimp Ceviche $12

Spring Rolls $12

Flautas $12

Chicken Nuggets $12

Popcorn Shrimp $12

Coconut Shrimp $15

Lobster Bites $20

Burgers, Pizzas & More

Beef Burger $10

Cheese Burger $12

Bacon Cheese Burger $14

Crispy Chicken Burger $12

Roast Beef Sandwich $12

Crispy Shrimp Burger $12

BBQ Shrimp Burger $12

Wings (SM) $8
Wings (lg) $15

Served with our famous HOMEMADE FRIES!

Pizza (12" only)
Pepperoni $25
House Special $35