Smartís third generation platform, which was recently unveiled, is the latest upgrade to the companyís mobile wireless network. Its 3G system offers high speed Internet and a range of other services including Zoom Data, an information transfer package that Public Relations Manager Ian Courtenay says rivals similar services in the local telecommunications market. Today Smart showrooms across the country were transformed into Internet hotspots where customers were able to access the information superhighway and check out great deals being offered during the upcoming holidays.

Ian Courtenay, Public Relations Manager, Smart

Ian Courtenay

ďAs you know we have launched our new network recently and we are undergoing fine tuning and so on. So today we are officially in our entire showroom throughout the country we are launching our smart zoom data, which is what we are calling our data package for our new 3G network. So customers all through the day have been coming in we have laptops and stuff set up for them to come and experience the 3G data for themselves and ask the customer care reps. any questions and so on, get an explanation of the packages and so on that we are offering our customers. In a little bit of a celebration we are offering our twenty percent discount on all the data modems and data capable phones for our customers today. Well first of all this fully mobile 3G data is very beneficial in that it affords a customer access to the internet wherever there is smart signal. The big benefit of course is the high speed data on a mobile platform. So either on your handset or on your modem or computer using the USB modem you will have access to 3G data. The data is tremendously faster than what we were offering before and faster than what our competitor is offering currently on a mobile platform, so definitely customers will have the benefits of hassle free and updating whether it be on Facebook or whatever checking e-mail or that sort of stuff.Ē

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