It came as quite a surprise when I heard The Village Council is terminating Miss Louise exersize class. She has been a steady source of maintaining Belizeans health and fittness for over 10 yrs. Charging those that can pay $1.00 us a session and free to all that come that cant pay. It has been said that The Village Officials feel she has been making too big a profit over the $100, a month she pays for the buildings use. Not all the facts are in yet as I just cant see how that math works out to her benifit. I would bet if she were given the use of the building free she would give her classes for free, as the world is in an overweight epidemic she stands out alone on Caye Caulker to promote health, as she has always been on the frontline of helping this community, When Hurricane Keith hit us she set up a Shelter on her property and helped islanders for quit awhile with shelter and food.
Information is still being gathered on the reasons The Village Council will not let her use the building, so I do not want to condem them at this point as others reasons may not have been presented yet. I would really like to know if any other reasons are in the pot to stop the only affordable/free to those than cant pay exersize health program available on the entire island. Seems a sad situation. Anyone that may have ideas on a suitable replacment space to hold classes please let us know.