And while prospective call center employees are learning about being BPO specialists, today journalists were learning about the rights of the child.

It's a training being offered by UNICEF Belize and the University of The West Indies for journalists from all over the country. The idea behind is that the news very often cuts across children's issues particularly child exploitation. UNICEF and UWI feel that poor journalism adds to the indignity of children.

And so, this three day training, facilitated by Holly Edgell and Janelle Chanona, is being held to sensitize the media to children's issues. Edgell who is a highly accomplished Belizean American Journalist explained:..

Holly Edgell
"The first thing is we are trying to give the journalist some actual information and data the situation of children in Belize and youth. Children being under 12 and youth being 13-19. So we are getting a lot of really good information about the conditions and the life of children in Belize. The second part is really tying that into how Belize journalist and media houses deal with children in their coverage and programming. They provide specific examples of how to cover situations where children are victims of crime or witnesses to crime. How not to cause more harm in a situation that good. How to not identify victims of things like incest and other really terrible crimes where the child's protection, privacy and safety are really more important than sensational value of the story. I always ask the question; just because I can do something should I? And I think that's the bottom line for journalist in Belize as well. Just because the possibility of doing certain kind of new story or interview exists, is it in the best interest of the child, a parent, a society to do it that way?"

The training finishes on Wednesday.

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