Thanks to all who have pulled together and helped in the search for poor terrorized Karma.... the GOOD news is that he turned up yesterday late evening at our old apartment in San Pablo not far from DFC... the BETTER news is that wonderful yogi, friend, masseuse and dog lover Ticia now lives in our old apartment, recognized Karma (covered in dirt and sopping wet) and gave him a bed and food for the night (THANK YOU TICIA!) ... the BAD news (only a little bad) is that he had a fair few nips and bites on him, including two huge, deep, gaping holes in his hind leg that Ticia cleaned up. We picked him up and took him to the vets where he had his catch up Rabies & Distemper shots, Promeris, heartworm, vitamin shot and antibiotics administered. He's tired and stiff but safe and back home now. Thanks to all the taxi drivers, friends, board readers, school kids, and tourists who have been looking out for Karma, what a fabulous community we live in!!

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