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When Pepperoni Dave's dog went missing after a fireworks show some years ago....a friend found him at the far southern end of the island...where he had apparently run in terror.

So glad he's back!

Jesse's absolutely right about fireworks and dogs. Firework shows make some dogs (and other pets) go crazy. The effect of the lifitng charge and shell breaks on a dogs' ears and psyche are dramatic; it's painfull. Once they panic they'll head any which way they can to get out of Dodge; no rhyme or reason as to destination. It can take days before they get their shit together to head home (assuming they can even "remember" how to do that at all). Before my 4th shows here at home we usually collaborate with our local animal shelters/humane society and run a piece in the local papers asking people to secure their pets in a safe placed at home.

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