Nine Monumental Sculptures Unveiled

10 days ago we told you about the unprecedented ambition of the sculpture symposium being held at the Center Form employee Training. This was no regular symposium; there was no sitting around and talking; it was a working symposium where 7 European sculptors and two locals took huge 15 tons boulders of limestone to conjure sculptures on a monumental scale.

The symposium finished on Friday and the pieces were unveiled on Saturday: here's what they look like.

Shari Williams - Communications Officer, NICH
"We can only say that the entire symposium was a huge success, meaning Belize now have a donation of some new pieces. Pieces that we could never be able to pay for. These people gave up their time, effort and talent of course and so now the job is to find where to put them. Several of the pieces have been bought, some of them are for sustainable tourism development and they are going to decide where to put them, one is for the Cayo welcome center, one goes to the NICH compound in Belmopan and of course we have a couple more still up for sale. So if anybody wants a huge piece of public art work they could always call us at NICH."

"We are hoping that this is one of many symposiums to come. Of course we had Jack Gillibrand who acted as the program director of the entire project. He has a home here in Belize and so he comes very often. He is a renowned sculptor himself and so we are hoping that this is just the beginning of one of many to come."

"More that all it's the seed that has been planted in that out artist now have a new medium in which they could work in. A medium we felt has been lost over the years since the ancient Mayas. So now we are hoping that these artists will embrace this new talent that they acquired and go forth and produce work in stone."

"We've been trying to show to Belizeans that art is outside of a frame, it's not just a painting on the wall. Art could be anything; everybody has some level of artistic bones in their body. We are trying to expand the communities' dialogue with art."

There are nine pieces total and five of them are selling for fifteen thousand dollars each. The international sculptors are from Austria, Turkey, Germany, Bulgaria, England and Romania.

Channel 7