Hi everyone! I am new to the forum here. I have been reading & learning a lot, in preparation for my family trip to Belize in March. I have some thoughts about travel and thought I'd post them here for some feedback and suggestions.

We arrive from Canada to Belize International Airport on a Sat. I was thinking of taking the chicken bus to get us to San Ignacio. I want my kids to experience typical central american bus travel. What's the best way to get from the airport to the bus depot without getting ripped off? I hear the taxis can be a little pricey.

Once in San Ignacio we are planning 4 days of adventures. Including the ATM cave, some horseback riding to a Mayan ruin, maybe some river canoeing to experience nature and hopefully see a monkey or two. I just figure we'll get up and head to a tour guide store and sign up for a trip, depending on the weather. Do you foresee a problem with this idea? Do I need to book in advance?

We are staying at Martha's guest house in San Ignacio. I am thinking I'd bring a fair bit of US cash and distribute it between the 4 of us. Also bring some traveler's cheques to cash at banks in San Ignacio when needed. I figure I'll need a fair bit of cash for all the excursions we're planing. Do you think I'll have any problems cashing traveler's cheques?

I figure we'll have, Sun, Mon, Tues & Wed for excursions. Thursday I was planning to catch an early bus to Belmopan. Then taxi to the Airport there. Jump on tropic air for a a quick flight to Belize City. Then a cab to the water taxi. A 30 min ride to Caye Caulker and we're there for Thursday afternoon. Stay 2 nights on CC. Sat morning get up early, take an early ferry back to Belize City. A cab to the airport. Our flight departs for home at 2:05 PM Sat.

It may sound a little hectic, but we're used to it. We like adventure and don't do well sitting around doing nothing in a foreign country. Our boys are 13 and 14, we'll be packing light, probably just a few back packs. We only have one week. The boys like adventure, that's why I chose the Cayo district. I like the ocean, and want to go fishing & snorkeling. That's why I chose C.C.

Answers to my questions, and any other comments appreciated. Thanks in advance. Keith