Why do you think this horse had been beaten to death a while ago? There's nothing solved and it looks as if Jeff still continues to harm to many people. As long as he's still riding through town, smiling (and I guess he smiles because he got some more innocent people ripped off), protected by members of the government and even opposition, this horse will not be dead. I have worked for him - an average of 14 to 16 hours every single day, pretty much no day off, no vacation and in the end not been paid by him (like so many others).

In the end he tried to destroy my very good reputation in telling people that I stole money from him, which I never did. I'm not sure if anyone had been more honest to him, and then he thew into my face giving me a load of crap lies and threatening me with his lawyer. I did everything for him. I was the first who marketed his place, replacing 6 "heads of departments", just the money I saved for him in lowering his ridiculous 58% of food cost in the restaurant was much more than he paid to me in salary! I did all the art work for his money-burning Lorrie Morgan crap to open the theater (where he burnt 40k BZ$), bought software out of my pocket, in order to keep his resort up. When I saw how they stole furniture from privately owned villas to fill any lackings of other villas not furnished as promised I secretly returned these furniture to the owners' villas.

He wanted me to send mass mailing out - something no honest company does and therefore he bought Ten thousands of email addresses (which is illegal) and received databases with 98% unusable emails. Then asked me to send out mail by mail and I sent some thousand emails out - email by email. I had to watch where his wife took private furniture out of private condos and placed this furniture into public areas and I had to watch where they put used furniture into condos, but sold as new.

The only way I could be sure to have the restaurant continuously run was to do the shopping with my own money (as it was very important for me to satisfy the owners).
The only reason I continued was that I have a family of 6 to take care of and already had 2 employers that ripped me off and didn't pay = one of them actually working for the government.

I saw how Jeff used funds of people who just bought Time Shares and the contract made clear that he was not allowed to use this money within a certain time. The people who signed these contracts claimed their money back the next day and Jeff didn't refund and all these people who I helped to get their money back had to go through BTB in the end and fight for up to 6 months!

I saw a decision from Supreme Court where Jeff hadn't paid for the blocks he used to build his villas and in the end after the court case he had to pay 2.5 times the amount - more than a Million BZ$ more than the original amount and he probably paid with the money owners and the Time Sharers had paid to pay for their properties and that's a part of how he burnt their money.

He kept the most useless heads of departments and I had to work with people you would not want to work for even 5 minutes. Some of them protected by his wife who thought "they were pretty cute and she would wish her daughter would marry so she would get a son in law like him" (and in the end these were people who on a daily basis cracked into their cash and stole thousands.

If I would write everything down it would be enough stuff for 2 novels and a TV show with 2 or 3 seasons - you would not believe a part of it.

In the end I asked a minister to help to get my money and he told me "yes, I have heard that he does not pay his people". He spoke with Jeff and after this meeting didn't want to speak with me anymore - guess why? He told some people that Jeff didn't pay me as I left an empty computer. Well, that would be a good joke if Jeff doesn't pay me and in the end I'm even stupid enough to leave the software paid by me with my private cash on his computer. But everything the minister said was an excuse anyway. I know exactly what happened.

I never been in more financial trouble in my life. My whole family is still suffering and we have to fight very hard to keep the kids in school as I was not willing to work in Belize anymore. I have had it with the lack of interest and protection from the ministers, and the people who do the work are the ones who get abused.

So, if you ask me if this horse has been beaten to death - how would you get that kind of idea as long as he's still continuing - doing the most possible harm to tourist who come to Belize and then tell everybody else how very much they have been ripped off and the Government not doing anything? Can you imagine how very much this effects tourism and the income of you and you and me? I had to leave Belize and am far from my family and from the kids and if you would have seen the kids crying you would never ask, if this horse had been beaten to death: This horse will not be dead till the moment he is made to take responsibility for what he did and continues to do and I think we have to keep it up in order to warn many others and all the people he's about to screw up!

I hope very much that there will be more people posting now about all this - first of all to protect others, to warn and to make it more difficult to those officials who still help JP. I hope that the wind that will blow around his face will get colder and will freeze his fingers with which he still gets into innocent people's pockets! ! and I hope he'll not be able to continue to harm all these people who worked a life time and finally could afford a little piece of heaven that tunred out into a nightmare! I hope he'll not be able to destroy more vacation of people who work hard for 50weeks a year just to have 2 weeks of joy and re-charge in a beautiful country and then instead of relax and enjoy get screwed up by him! So - this horse will have to run and we and more have to keep it alive!

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Again another beautiful day in paradise - just smile and be happy :-)