As an aside - you must be 18 and have a valid license to drive one. Please folks - don't let your young kids get behind the wheel - it's not cute, it's not safe and it's definitely not legal.

So true Diane.........the other day a saw a tourist allowing his son, who could be no more than 6 years old drive a rented golf cart up and down the beach in front of Wayo's several times. I felt like asking him if he allowed his son to drive his vehicle in the US!!! [/quote]

One day I was driving my golf cart north of the bridge and was giving a ride to a lovely Belizean lady who has worked in the tourist industry for as long as I can remember. She is unfailingly friendly and polite in her work. A golf cart was coming towards us in the opposite "lane" with a child driving it, parents riding. My passenger said something to the effect of "These people have no respect for our laws or our country and it is rude. I wonder if I could break their laws and get away with it."

Please dear guests - try to learn the laws, respect them (even when you think they are foolish).
We want tourism to flourish and for every guest to be a long-term friend. Experiencing a culture by playing by the rules can be instructive and surely does not damage your holiday.