Over the weekend Guatemalan press reported on the seizure of a truck load of sugar allegedly imported illegally from Belize. According to a report appearing in the Saturday edition of Prensa Libre newspaper, the truck, containing one hundred and forty sacks of white sugar was seized as contraband after the truck was stopped at a checkpoint not far from the village of Paxcaman, Peten on Saturday morning. The estimated cost of the contraband sugar is put at one hundred thousand dollars. Authorities say that when they asked the truck driver, twenty two year old Víctor Manuel Osorio Sarceño, for his import permit or a way bill to signify purchase, he could offer none, and so the contraband sugar and the truck were seized. According to Prensa Libre, the one hundred and forty bags of contraband sugar were reportedly obtained in San Ignacio Town, although the newspaper did not specify the supplier of the contraband sugar on the Belize side. The contraband sugar and the truck are now impounded at a police station in San Benito, Peten, Guatemala. Today Love News tried to get more information on the situation however we have been unable to track down how Belizean sugar ended up in Guatemala.