It is perhaps something that happens more times than it is reported – rat feces found in a pack of bread. It was discovered today by this man, Leopold Pineda, who said that he went to this shop on the Northern Highway to purchase the pack of bread to have with a fried chicken for lunch. He was halfway through the pack of bread when he discovered this – a black spec closely resembling rat feces. We say closely because it has to go through tests before it is confirmed that it really is what we think it is. But whatever it turns out to be, Pineda wasn’t pleased.

Leopold Pineda, discovered rat feces in bread
“When I reach down here I saw it inside the bread. I told the man I told him I wanted him to change the bread and he said it was not their fault, it’s the bakery.”

The bakery that produced the bread is Maria Chang’s on Castle Street, which produces bread and pasta using the label “Nice”. Shortly after we arrived there, public health officials reached because they had been alerted of Pineda’s discovery. Following a thorough inspection of Chang’s premises, Senior Public Health Inspector, Mark Bernard, told reporters what they discovered.

Mark Bernard, Senior Public Health Officer
“A preliminary investigation there revealed that there is slight rodent infestation, it is not enough to merit closure or else he would be closed by now. I think you have followed us to see we take this seriously. We will be giving him report by tomorrow morning with immediate things to do, medium and long terms and we expect him to do those things and of course we will monitor him.”

Pineda told us that his discovery has so displeased him that he will change his diet, and he was convinced that the foreign element came from the bakery. The proprietor of the business, Wilfredo Chang, did not give us an on-camera interview, but he did say that his bakery has been in business for at least ten years and that they try to keep things neat and tidy. He added that his bakery will endeavour to meet all the requirements of the Public Health Department.