Businessman says Gay Travel Belize hijacked his tourism website

A San Pedro businessman is complaining that his tourism website has been hijacked by another organization promoting Ambergris Caye as the place for Gays and Lesbians to come and be free. In an email sent to the Belize Tourist Board and Christian media house on the island, the owner and creator of Guide to Belize says he has been using the letters “GTB” and his logo since 2002 as a guide to Belize. He says that now, there are persons using the same acronym, “GTB” to intentionally mislead tourists to a gay website which is

Adrian Schweigler, Go to Belize owner, wrote an official complaint saying that the gaytravelbelize site was created in December 2009 and started to be online in January 2010, eight years after his GTB site. He wrote, -quote-

“ In my understanding, just creating business without respecting the religion and ethics of the local population, and using the same brand that is already in use in the same country at the same location is very unfair.” He continues and writes, “ I'm also not sure if the active promotion of Ambergris Caye for Gays and Lesbians is in line with the Belizean law, as sexuality is something private, especially if it is against the beliefs of 98% of the Belizean Christian Population.”

–end quote – Schweiger says he has already received complaints fro families looking for GTB Guide to Belize who end up on the Gay web site.