Source: Central Bank of Belize Statistical Digest and Monthly Report November 2011

This graph speaks volumes of what was taking place under the PUP tenure in office. The contrast can be drawn not only between the current administration but even those of the past. There is no wonder why the former PUP party leader, Johnny Briceno, called on the PUP millionaires to bring back the money which they took and placed in foreign and offshore accounts.

Imagine, under the PUP’s 10 years they borrowed 1 billion 452 million dollars. The saddest part of the whole situation is that there is absolutely nothing to show for it. There is NOTHING to show but a Superbond, which has handcuffed the progress of the country. On February 20th, government must find BZ$33,537,066.66. in order to be able to service the Superbond.

Then you have them going around asking the Belizean people to vote for them? Hell NO! There is no way that the Belizean people will put back the bunch of thieves into office. Once bitten twice shy… they took the people of Belize for a 10-year ride almost into complete economic ruin. That story will never be repeated. We need to remember that the same people who were running and controlling the PUP back then, are the same ones who are running and controlling the PUP.

PUP no have no come back fi come back!

The Guardian