Ive just returned from Belize. Wed been shooting our summer catalog for Athleta an adventurous and inspiring experience. By the time Id arrived, our photo crew had already been shooting for eight days. They've accomplished some spectacular work.

Many of our locations were breathtaking. The natural colors and textures provided great backdrops for a good portion of our summer marketing imagery.

These shoots often mix the planned versus the unplanned, which is why you see some candid shots in this blog. Before one location shoot, for example, everyone visited the Mayan ruins at Xunantunich and Cahal Pech. The team shared with me the experience of being in the ruins, in the early morning with fog with mist all around, and a sense of solemnity.

Later, we shot at a bay where there was a pristine beach and brightly colored Caribbean houses. There was also a restaurant and scuba diving shop, out over the water. With our Athleta gal doing some slack lining between two palm trees (she's getting to be quite the pro at this), and our other athlete/model did some amazing yoga poses on the dock, including a triangle pose and a head stand.
One day, because of bad weather, we went for Plan B: shooting around our hotel. Our first athlete started the day doing lots and lots of drills on the beach (as well as drills on, and hanging from, a palm tree).

Just before lunch, our other Athleta woman did a flawlessly executed crow pose in the middle of the hotel dock. Amazing balance and strength.I am reminded why I am so lucky in my job at Athleta - being inspired daily by such strength!
At the end of the trip, we shot from a sandbar, about 10-feet wide at its widest. The water was so shallow, on both sides, that it looked as if we were walking on water.
As we wrapped up the last day, I thought of the massive amounts of beautiful photography wed shotand work to do. But these images are so inspiring to me, showing a womans journey of strength and empowerment. I hope you agree.