Hi everyone, especially to Lan Sluders, he don`t know me, I hope I can change it.
First, don`t laugh about my English..... I try my best.
In the past 6 weeks I rod almost every news at the AC board and everywhere, it has only to sound like Belize I open it. 98% I love, 2% not because......maybe later. I`m on my way BACK TO EARTH I retired myself 8 years ago(with 50) but age is only a number, I feel like 35/40 and I want to do something als. No more 5 star hotel,no more whith white shirt and binder, no more Mercedes and Rolex...... simple live, sunshine and moon, a nice Atlantic bezze, FUN !!! (If I like a cold beer at 10 AM I will drink it) some volunteer work to share my experience and at last bu not at least I will finish my autobiography. (The German are really grazy, they want to publish that!)
Question: Is this a place for me? I know, I know, it depend on..... but some insider information are always useful and my decision is already made.
Thank you for many respond,(hopefully)