Thank you all of you so much, an other risen why Belize/AC is, the state is so smal, I can go easy to Guatemala and Mexico, I will travel around to find the right place but I think Kathy I`m always inside the 99%. The 1% you talking about they better stay at home and don`t like this too.It is funny Bill,I only mail 2 Hotel in AC to fix a agreement, one is the Hydeway so I belize you. (Scout honor)I have planty of time to go around and I will.
Lan, your new book ist publish only in english? By the way i know south america well,(business)vaccacion always in Germany/Spain /Italy ( I`m searching for this little "KICK" I got this Kick 1972 in Canaria Island but now it is like NEW YORK downtown.
Harriet, we have in Germany the same proverb:

Wenn du gehst,geh mit Gott, mach die Tuer zu aber vergiss den Schluessel nicht

(When you go, go with the Lord, close the dor but don`t forget the key)

I still have the key from Germany and the US and I will never let them go.
See you hopfully all,
Paece, take care yourself and each other